Monday, May 04, 2009

High Traffic

If you want to create a website or blog with a lot of visitors (high traffic). Traffic with many visitors, the opportunity to utilize your blog to become the Internet media business will be better.

With the abundant visitor, you can take to become a publisher product (whether that is a result of their own or other people) more. With abundant visitor, you can spot the ads that offer more extensive than the sites or blogs that pro-traffik low.

10 steps that need to get our attention are:
1. Use the domain name easy to remember
2. Write articles pillar
3. Update the post up to date
4. Often commented
5. Use Feedburner
6. Submit your article to Social Bookmark
7. SEO Optimization
8. Create articles that are "in" (popular)
9. Link exchange
10. Advertising

Ten steps are the tip given by the mas Haryo Prabawo, at this time I'm given a practice tip. Thank you for your knowledge and also provided access to a given website Haryo mas, hopefully all Alloh facilitate our business, amin.